About Me


I completed my first obstacle course race (OCR) in March of 2015 and was hooked immediately. While it was the most difficult thing that I had ever physically done, the feeling that I felt crossing the finish line changed my life. That race taught me a lot about myself and started to open my mind to the potential of who I could be; overcoming obstacles on course showed me that I was capable of more than I realized and that this mindset was transferable into my every day life. Soon thereafter, I became an avid participant in races, quickly rising to compete at an elite level.

Since that day, I have traveled around the country competing in a sport that has stolen my heart. I have won races, stood on many podiums, and have participated in a multitude of different OCR events ranging from 3 kilometers upwards to 24 hour endurance races. Some of my notable accomplishments include more than 10 Spartan Elite podium finishes; top placements at many other notable race series (Savage Race, Tough Mudder, BoneFrog Challenge, Terrain Race, Green Beret Challenge, Rugged Maniac, and more); podium finishes at the United States and North American Championship Races; and I was the 5th place Pro Female at the 2019 World’s Toughest Mudder 24 hour event.

Through my adventures in OCR, I have met some pretty incredible athletes overcoming adversity unimaginable to most: trauma victims, Veteran amputees, racers on the road to recovery from addiction, participants diagnosed with terminal illnesses, and so many other situations that have inspired and touched me. I have learned through these athletes that part of being human means that we are exposed to suffering, this is inevitable. While each of our backgrounds and stories is unique, the common bond that we share on course is that we have chosen to move forward in spite of our suffering. We do not have to be defined by our history or our mistakes; instead, we can continuously progress towards becoming the best versions of ourselves, on and off course. 

This lesson learned (this enlightenment), has inspired me to share my own experiences and growth through OCR with others, and to start a blog. I want to change the world and I want make it better; I want to help others to overcome adversity, remove barriers of self-doubt, and work towards becoming their best self. My legacy and the gift that I hope to give to the world is to share the transforming and life-changing results that OCR can bring, and to encourage others to sign up for their first race…and to start their own personal journey.